Not supported in ReSharper 8.2

first post: tkstanczak wrote: I really like the Add-In. Will there be any support for ReSharper 8...

latest post: SomethingUseful wrote: Workitem created:

answered by: SomethingUseful wrote: Workitem created:

Which RegEx's for MSpec?

first post: rubicon_dominik wrote: We've got a bit more complicated setup: Project: Domain.First Na...

latest post: SomethingUseful wrote: Daniel, Currently TestCop expects a 1-1 mapping between each code a...

Possible improvement for creating the test class if it does not yet exist.

first post: bjornbeest wrote: We have a (custom) class template for new test files that we use. I...

latest post: SomethingUseful wrote: Feature added for Resharper7 plugin

answered by: SomethingUseful wrote: Feature added for Resharper8

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