Where is the TestCop RegEx?

Many thanks for creating TestCop. It looks like a very useful tool for Visual Studio users. Alas, I've not been able to actually use TestCop because I've note been able to understand where can a u...

Id #5191 | Release: None | Updated: Mon at 8:52 AM by urig | Created: Sun at 11:19 AM by urig

Renaming Classes Causes Weird Names for TestCop-Created Classes

Hello, I've noticed this for a bit now and have a little time to mention it. Basically, it seems as if whenever I rename a class that a TestCop-generated test class uses, its name gets all jumbled...

Id #5185 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 21 at 9:15 PM by SomethingUseful | Created: May 29 at 8:57 AM by MichaelDBang

RegEx Pattern not working

Hi, I am using R# 10.0.2 and TestCop I have the following assemblies for our productive code MyCie.MyApp MyCie.MyApp.Domain And for the tests assemblies I have MyCie.MyApp.Domain.T...

Id #5180 | Release: None | Updated: May 6 at 6:27 AM by SomethingUseful | Created: Apr 12 at 1:23 PM by lkempe

Does not work with ReSharper 10 EAPs

How could I make TestCop work with EAP builds? Sometimes they contain important bug fixes and it takes too long to wait for stable release.

Id #5173 | Release: None | Updated: Mar 23 at 7:27 AM by starteleport | Created: Mar 15 at 10:26 AM by starteleport

Test Namespace RegEx Pattern doesn't work for (Unit)?Tests

Hi, For a project MyOrg.MyApp I have two tests projects: MyOrg.MyApp.Tests (functional tests) MyOrg.MyApp.UnitTests (surprise! unit tests) So I configured the following regex pattern: ^(.*)\.(U...

Id #5170 | Release: None | Updated: Mar 9 at 10:42 PM by abatishchev | Created: Mar 9 at 6:02 PM by abatishchev

Not working in VB using VS.NET 2015, RS 10.0.2, TestCop

Hi, I've found that when using VS.NET 2015 with Update 1, Resharper 10.0.2 and TestCop, TestCop is not working. It appears to be failing to identify the namespace. The only output from ...

Id #5159 | Release: None | Updated: Jan 31 at 7:59 PM by SomethingUseful | Created: Jan 28 at 7:43 PM by GregLms75

Use underscore to split class name

Instead of putting a dot in the test file Foo.FeatureSpec.cs to store a test class FooFeatureSpec which is refactoring unfriendly to resharper how about writing the test class name as Foo_FeatureSp...

Id #1739 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 23, 2014 at 8:34 PM by SomethingUseful | Created: Jul 16, 2014 at 11:30 AM by bradphelan

Support rename refactoring from resharper

If I have a class to test class Foo { } and a spec class FooFeatureSpec { } in file Foo.Feature.Spec.cs then when I do a rename refactor on Foo to Bar my test class should change to class BarFea...

Id #1738 | Release: None | Updated: Oct 10, 2014 at 8:15 PM by SomethingUseful | Created: Jul 16, 2014 at 11:11 AM by bradphelan

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